DNA Appliance Therapy

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What if the roots of the headaches, facial pain, and other symptoms you feel today started early in life? How can you expect to find relief if the issues are hard-coded in your cells?

The DNA Appliance is a groundbreaking solution to developmental issues that result in chronic headaches and other pain. Our dentist and founder, Dr. Ira L. Shapira, is one of the very first dentists nationwide to adopt this cutting-edge device.

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What Is the DNA Appliance?

TMJ pain diagramDeveloped by Vivos, the DNA Appliance is a custom orthotic similar to a retainer or mouthguard. You wear it at night just like one of the previously mentioned appliances, but there’s a key difference: Instead of straightening your teeth, the DNA Appliance triggers changes in your cells to improve health and function.

This process is called epigenetics. It modifies your genes in order to revise the expression of certain characteristics.

Adult patients who suffer from TMJ dysfunction and chronic pain are not “stuck with their genes.” The DNA Appliance corrects errors in growth through epigenetic orthopedics/orthodontics to revise the bones, airway, and other structures into a genetic expression that relieves dysfunction.

Why Epigenetics

Developmental deficiencies are relatively recent phenomena. Social and environmental changes have resulted in disturbances to the normal phase of development due to:

  • Allergies
  • Pollution
  • Lack of breastfeeding
  • Over-reliance on soft foods in infancy, meaning babies don’t learn how to chew
  • And more

grumpy senior not getting enough sleepThese and other factors have resulted in pervasive changes to the sinuses, hormones, airways, sleep patterns, and much more. Taken as a whole, they are responsible for many instances of TMJ dysfunction, sleep disorders, and a host of other systemic health issues.

Adjusting errors in development requires going back to the fundamentals of our physiology. In effect, epigenetic treatment like the DNA Appliance “grows back” the ideal structures that result in optimal function. For TMD patients, this means an aligned jaw and bite that works properly and doesn’t compromise nerve, bone, or muscle function. As a result of optimal expression, headaches, myofascial pain, and other symptoms of TMJ dysfunction do not occur.

In the past, changes to the bones, airways, and other structures required extensive surgical correction. Epigenetics makes changes to the DNA from the inside-out, achieving similar changes non-invasively.

Why Choose Think Better Life for DNA Appliance Therapy

Many patients are daunted by the prospect of changing their DNA. After all, these are the building blocks of life, the code that shapes all aspects of your unique being. Dr. Shapira understands this dilemma. He has immersed himself in the science of epigenetics, and was an early adopter of the DNA Appliance.

As a result of his experience with epigenetics and one of the premium treatment modalities, Dr. Shapira recognizes that the changes caused by the DNA Appliance don’t occur in a vacuum. After all, TMD is a whole-body issue, and treatment in one area can affect other systems, too.

Throughout your treatment with Think Better Life, Dr. Shapira will evaluate the changes not only in your jaw alignment but to other structures connected to the TM joint. Effective pain relief means understanding the systemic effect of treatment and revising the plan as your quality of life improves.

Contact Think Better Life for a Comprehensive Evaluation

Dr. Shapira sees patients for an hour or more during the initial consultation. This thorough appointment is crucial for us to get a full portrait of your issues with TMJ disorder, myofascial pain, and more. If your health history and our tests suggest a genetic component to your symptoms, Dr. Shapira may recommend DNA Appliance therapy in conjunction with other treatment options.

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