Frontal and Occipital Headaches with Facial Numbness

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Posted: July 15, 2017
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From Vicki:

I have right sided pain in the occipital region and frontal area. Continuous pulsation with buzzing in my ear. I am Nauseated, and have right sided facial numbness and tingling.

Dr Shapira response:

I always suggest patients with numbness in the face have a neurological work-up and patients with ear problems be evaluated by an ENT. Having said that I frequently see patients with symptoms similar to your who are very successfully treated by their diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic without drugs.

The occipital pain is usually referred from neck muscle trigger points, especially from the SCM, Trapezius,
Levator Scapulae,,splenius capitus and splenius cervicus muscles. Patients who have had long term pain may also have occipital trigger points or entrapment of occipital or greater occipital nerves. An occipital nerve block can have amazing results. Facial numbness may be from occipital nerve entrapment.

The buzzing in the ear and pulsation is usuallly from problems with the tensor palatini muscle (affects eustacian tube) or tensor tympani muscle which goes to the ear drum.

One must consider the facial nerve as well as a cause of numbness and that can be related to parotid problems.

The Trigeminal Nerve is always the primary source of frontal headaches and involved in most parietal and occipital headaches due to postural implications.

The pulsing of the Trigeminal Nerve and Facial nerve with ULF (ultra-low frequency) TENS may eliminate all problems if a diagnostic orthotic is also constructed.

Following complete (or close) pain relief a long term solution can be evaluated.